Ag Leader SMS Advanced Software

Buy Ag Leader SMS Advanced Software – $1995.00
Ag Leader SMS Advanced couples the tremendous ease of use of SMS Basic with power that will rival or exceed any software currently on the market. Features such as expanded Batch Processing, Project Schemes, and Integrated 3D Mapping, and powerful analysis functions including Attribute Comparisons, Equation Writing, Multi-Year Averaging, NDVI DataCreation, and Profit/Loss Mapping, SMS Advanced provides the tools to get results from your data. Such innovation has never before been seen at such an economical price.

  • SMS Advanced has all the features of SMS Basic and is seamlessly compatible
  • Calendar view for exploring your data when you actually collected it
  • Batch functions such as map printing, exporting and importing data, reprocessing data, creation of split planter data, analysis functions
  • Ability to automatically download satellite images based on fields, city & state, or latitude & longitude
  • Integrated 3D terrain view and 3D data plotting
  • Design and edit your own reports, charts, analysis results and map printouts
  • Project management to make handling multiple clients easy
  • Support for installing on and working across a computer network
  • Comparison analysis function to compare different types of data such as yield and moisture by soil type for all your fields & across Multiple Projects
  • Equation writer analysis function that lets you create data that provides the answers you want, the way you want them.
  • Soil lab import and easily transferred across multiple projects
  • Several additional analysis functions such as multi-year averaging and normalization, generation of NDVI data from NIR Images
  • Detailed financial tracking, mapping, and reporting to show you where you’re making or losing money
  • Booklet printing can be personalized for each client (an additional $750 unlock is required for this feature)

Screen Shots
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SMS Advanced Calendar View SMS Advanced Yield by Product/Soil Type

Calendar View

Yield by Product/Soil Type



SMS Features Basic Advanced
File processing from most precision ag display x x
Sorts data by geography x x
Generate Crop Plans x x
Create, manage and export guidance lines x x
Print summary maps, charts and reports x x
Write simple prescriptions x x
Download/import images x x
Query tools to analyze specific areas x x
Booklet Printing x
Equation Writing x
Calendar View x
3D Plotting and Terrain Viewing x
Comparison Analysis x
Multi-Year Averaging x
Network Installation x
Project Management x
Dataset Playback x
Export variety reference maps to INTEGRA x x


Requires annual maintenance fee of $450
Upgrade to SMS Advanced from current SMS Basic available. Please call to order.
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