Martens Farms provides expert assistance to help you make the most of your hardware and software. We can help you learn or troubleshoot Trimble Ag Business Solutions Software using a secured direct internet connection to your PC for fast, effective results. We provide training and consulting, by internet, over the phone and on-site.

Call us for help with:

  • Setting up and customizing your software for your particular farming needs
  • Learning basic and advanced skills with Trimble Ag Business Solutions Software
  • Troubleshooting software issues so you can get back into the field quickly

Individual (One-on-One) Training 

  • Personalized instruction, customizing the Trimble Ag Business Solutions Software product(s) for your needs 
  • Use your own project file.
  • Available for all levels from beginning to advanced users.
  • Includes “Lorra Martens Tips”, which are especially useful insights gained over years of Trimble Ag Business Solutions Software use.
  • Offered online by secured internet connection.
  • Remote On-Site Assistance allows hands-on training, setup and troubleshooting to any computer with a medium-speed internet connection. Like an on-site session but without the travel costs and time delays. This is an extremely productive option – give us a call for more information.
  • Your Martens Farms consultant is not an accountant, or lawyer. You should seek the advice of an accountant for financial decisions, and a lawyer concerning legal matters.
  • Any personal or financial information seen or heard about your operation will STAY ABSOLUTELY PRIVATE.

Consulting and Coaching

  • Martens Farms offers expertise gained through years of using, supporting, and selling Trimble Ag Business Solutions Software and related GPS equipment.
  • Consulting may include a range of services to maximize your productivity and results with Trimble Ag Business Solutions Software.
    • Detailed initial setup and customization assistance.
    • Farm book keeping and field record keeping for new or existing farm projects.
    • Field mapping, including importing and calibrating of maps.
    • Custom report design based on your input.
    • Streamline how you use the software based on how you work your farm, ranch, or agricultural business.
    • Project inspections are available. We dig deep into your project with you to save you time, money, and effort. 
    • Special assistance – just ask!


(15 minute minimum)

15 minutes


1 hr block


4 hr block


In our office or by phone.*

1 hr block


4 hr block


8 hr block


On your farm
(8 hour minimum unless local area)**

8 hr block $1000


*In my office either in person or by phone conversation. Phone time will be charged in 15-minute increments.

** At your place of business – 8 hour minimum and applicable travel expenses & time apply including

  • Lodging and dinning expenses.
  • Travel time – includes the day the consultant leaves home and day they return.
  • Car mileage – $1 per mile (including to and from airports).
  • Electronic equipment – if required, is the customers responsibility.
  • Airport parking and cab fees.
  • Airline tickets and car rentals, and related expenses if applicable. Martens Farms will purchase the tickets and car rental (due to insurance reasons).
  • You are required to pay in advance for Airline tickets and car rentals.


  • Helps new and upgrading users get more out of the software with less time and effort.
  • Includes “Lorra Martens Tips”, which are especially useful insights gained over years of using Trimble Ag Business Solutions Software and Farm Works.
Inquire about having a class in your area or to discuss classroom or Remote Assistance training for a group.

Register for classes by calling 620-585-6761, or email to

Trimble Ag Business Solutions Desktop Mapping Class: Covers Mapping and Farm Works Mobile

  1. New features in the latest version.
  2. How to calibrate and draw your maps with real world coordinates provided by a GPS receiver.
  3. How to download maps from the internet directly into Farmer Basic.
  4. How to use imported yield maps to automatically draw field boundaries.
  5. How to create layers for projected rotation information and then be able to use it for visual field history.
  6. How to import most GPS yield information as well as Veris data.
  7. How to work with imported yield data to average it back against weed pressure, soil types etc.
  8. How to grid any field.
  9. How to copy lines from one layer to another. Also how to copy and paste layers.
  10. How to create legends.
  11. How to set up equipment and people for the most benefit for your operation.
  12. How to keep maintenance records on equipment
  13. How to keep and sort field records for farming events.  (Example:  select only fertilization and harvest records.)
  14. How to create crop plans.
  15. How to assign direct costs to field maps.
  16. How to print reports with detailed records of chemical and fertilizer use
  17. How to retrieve planting and harvest dates along with yield records. (Great help at Insurance and FSA offices.)
  18. How to split fields and merge them together.
  19. Tips and tricks.
 Farm Works Mobile
  1. How to synchronize Farm Works Mobile with Farmer Basic.
  2. How to enter field information.
  3. How to change field information.
  4. How to setup new supplies, people and fields not entered in Mapping.
  5. How to calculate the amount of product needed for acreage covered.
  6. Tips and tricks.

Trimble Ag Business Solutions Advanced Accounting Class: Covers Cash and Accrual Accounting

  1. How to input expenses and income as well as tracking inputs.
  2. How to purchase equipment and use trade-ins.
  3. How to add and track Assets.
  4. How to pull profitability statements per machine, person, livestock, field or a combination of fields.
  5. How to setup and pay payroll.
  6. How to set up cash flow charts.
  7. How to set up a tax schedule and print it out.
  8. How to generate a market value balance reports.
  9. How to set up depreciation information.
  10. How to use both cash and accrual records.
  11. Tips and tricks.

Farm Works Mobile

  1. How to set up Farm Works Mobile.
  2. How to enter field information.
  3. How to change field information.
  4. How to set up new supplies, people and fields not entered into Accounting.
  5. How to load Farm Works Mobile data into Accounting.
  6. How to use Farm Works Mobile data for record keeping in Accounting.
  7. Tips and tricks.

All classes include tips and tricks from Lorra Martens. These tips are based on years of experience using the software for farm management, and also consulting with a wide variety of farmers and ranchers.

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