Mapping & Scouting GPS Backpack System

Picture1Buy Backpack System for Mapping & Scouting GPS – $400.00  

Custom-Made Backpack for Field Use

The Martens Farms Mapping and Scouting GPS Backpack provides everything you need to comfortably and securely carry a variety of high-performance DGPS antenna and accessories on foot or an ATV. It’s great for field mapping, scouting, sampling, cutting corn mazes, and more.

  • High quality, durable backpack
  • Rechargeable 12V battery supply
  • AC charger for battery
  • Auto charger
  • Telescoping mounting pole for antennas
  • Padded shoulder straps for increased comfort
  • Internal divider (to secure the battery inside the backpack)
  • Room for additional accessories
Backpack color and designs will vary.

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