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 Do-It-Yourself Professional Maze Kit

With the right combination of software, hardware and a GPS signal, you can create your own professional corn maze and save time and money. The Martens Farms Maze Design Kit enables you to make mazes in cornfields, wildflowers, bamboo or other crops as well as with hedges, straw bales, fences, walls and more. Martens Farms also provides individual assistance to help you use the system to create your first maze. 2013maze1

Software, GPS Receiver and Training to Create Your Own Cornfield Mazes

The Martens Farms Corn Maze Design Kit includes everything you need to design and create mazes from corn fields – or any type of field for that matter. With these systems you can draw, trace or import your desired maze design, then use the included GPS receiver to cut that design out of your corn field or mark the paths to create. 

Create your own custom maze toolkit by adding to precision farming equipment you already own.

  • With the maze design kit you no longer have to worry about missing parts of the maze when cutting! Set the desired width and color for the paths that are drawn on the screen as you mow. This makes it easy to see which parts of the maze have been cut and which still need to be completed.
  • Use the same setup when going back for follow-up cuttings. Again, use different colors and line widths so it’s easy to know where you’ve mowed and where you’ve missed.
  • Farm Works Mobile is the leading GPS mapping software that is used by more than 15,000 farmers world-wide for agricultural mapping, scouting and variable rate application. If you also farm, you can use this same setup to map field boundaries, tiling lines, rocks, soil sample locations and anything else you like. The software may also be used for field scouting, guidance, variable rate application, and field recording. You can also add software such as Farm Works Accounting for farm financial records.
  • Would you like to know the total feet or miles that are covered by your maze? When you’ve finished cutting your maze, just tap on the maze and the software will tell you the total distance covered. Or when you map the field boundary it will give you the total acres or square feet inside the field.
  • Customize your maps with logos, text and graphics and then print maps that can be used for posters, flyers and advertisements!
  • Maps can be saved and used in other programs such as Word, Publisher, Photoshop and others.

 No substitutions at this price.

 Return Policy: There is a 30% restocking fee if Maze Design Kit is returned within 30 days. If hardware is not in new condition, a higher restocking fee will be charged.

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 How The Maze Design Kit Works

  1. Take the maze design kit (handheld installed with Farm Works Mobile software and GPS) out on a 4 wheeler, mower or other vehicle and drive around the field that you want to use for the maze. The program will display a GPS map of the field on the screen with all data saved to a file.
  2. Take the handheld back to the office and “synchronize” it with your desktop computer. This will bring the boundary into the Mobile software.
  3. Use the drawing tools in the desktop software to draw your maze inside the boundary of the field. By having a GPS referenced map of the field boundary, you can create the map so it takes advantage of every part of the field.
  4. If someone else designs the maze for you, have them send you an image file (.jpg, .tif or .bmp) of the maze. Use the “Calibration” software that’s included with this package to apply GPS positions from the GPS mapped boundary of the field to the maze so it is GPS referenced.
  5. Copy the map that you drew or the image you calibrated to your handheld and load it into the Mobile software.
  6. Put the handheld, GPS Receiver and mount onto your mower and start mowing! Mobile will show your current position on top of the image of the maze. Lines will be drawn everywhere that you mow so you know exactly what you’ve covered and what still needs to be done.
  7. Use the same setup for subsequent follow-up mowings. Just use a different line color to make it easy to see.
  8. Synchronize the maps that you create with GPS with your desktop computer so you can use these maps with your desktop computer software.

Options for Standard and Professional Maze Design Kits

  • Rugged Ram Powered Cradle and Mount. Universal powered dock with clamp mount kit to mount the handheld and the 1500 Smart Antenna on your mower, atv, tractor or other vehicle. Provides power, protection, and stability for demanding in-field use.
  • Consulting and Training Services Get up and running faster with one-on-one help from Martens Farms. We work with you over the phone or secure internet connection, and you get things done while learning to use the software and GPS receiver. Maximize your productivity with this quick boost.

Help for Corn Maze Operators

Don’t try to learn everything about running a maze attraction by trial and error – work with an experienced maze consultant who can help you with the many tasks to build and run a successful maze. Designing and creating the maze itself is only one part of the maze business.

Example of a client’s maze:

181 cornmaze-2013

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