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Farm Works Educational Software offers a bundle of resources to make it easier for high school and college instructors to teach and for students to learn Farm Works Software and the real world of agricultural management.

Expose your students to the technology of farm management using one of the finest agricultural software packages available.  More than 30,000 growers and consultants use Farm Works for business records and precision ag mapping and scouting.

With everything on one easy to use educational CD, together with a Teacher’s Guide and Student Workbook, you’ll be able to give your students a better understanding of what the real world of business agriculture entails.

Site License Agreement Includes:
Site License Agreement Includes:

  • All Farm Works Office software
  • Farm Works Mobile software
  • 12 Months of software enhancements and updates
  • 12 Months of toll-free phone support
  • Current year lesson plans
  •  20% off Mobile Computer and Connected Farm Modems
Prices*:1-30 Seat Site License (P/N 81013-19) $500 per year
31-50 Seat Site License (P/N 81013-20) $750 per year
51+ Seat Site License  (P/N 81013-21) $1000 per year
*The educational price agreement is only for schools using the software for teaching in the classroom.  The yearly license fee is not required for automatic renewal the following year; however, schools will not receive future software enhancements, future toll-free phone support, and future updated lesson plans.
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