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Corn Maze Design Kit

Corn Maze Design Kit

Do-It-Yourself Professional Maze Kit With the right combination of software, hardware and a GPS signal, you can create your own professional corn maze and save time and money. The Martens Farms Maze Design Kit enables you to make mazes in cornfields, wildflowers, bamboo or other crops as well as with hedges, straw bales, fences, walls and more. Martens Farms also provides individual assistance to help you use the system to create your…Read More

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Prices as low as $4750.00

Picture1Backpack System for Mapping & Scouting GPS

 Custom-Made Backpack for Field Use The Martens Farms Mapping and Scouting GPS Backpack provides everything you need to comfortably and securely carry a variety of high-performance DGPS antenna and accessories on foot or an ATV. It’s great for field mapping, scouting, sampling, cutting corn mazes, and more. High quality, durable backpack Rechargeable 12V battery supply AC charger for battery…Read More
Buy Backpack System for Mapping & Scouting GPS – $400.00 


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