Which Farm Works software do you need?

Farm Works Office Comparisons

Enter field records         X      X      X
Create crop plans         X      X      X
Enter detailed equipment records         X      X      X
Record accounting transactions         X
Single entry, cash & accrual ledgers         X
Balance sheets         X
Print reports for taxes and enterprise statements         X
Import bank transaction data         X
Read and write data to precision ag hardware      X      X
Design simple prescription maps      X      X
Manage guidance lines (Trimble only)      X      X
Import soil test results and create a map from data      X      X
Add, edit, copy, and delete layers      X      X
Design prescription maps using formulas      X      X
View profit maps      X      X
Normalize yield data      X      X
Import topographic data and view data in 3D      X*
Analyze watershed zones      X*
Create drainage lines from topographic data      X*

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