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Agriculture Data Management

The goal of Ag Leader’s SMS™ software is to integrate all agricultural spatial data collection as seamlessly as possible, while making the software easy to use, but the SMS software can also manage data without GPS position data.

SMS Basic is one of the most simple and easy-to-use software programs available for managing, viewing, (including layering) printing and editing data. With features such as Spatial Sorting, Batch Processing, TerraServer Download, Device Setup Utility,
and Split Planter Map Creation, SMS Basic combines ease-of-use with the power to get results from your precision farming data.
  • Easy-to-use, point and click interface.
  • Multi-layer viewing and query of data.
  • Point, swath, grid, or contour maps and realtime layer transparency.
  • Geo-referencing of image files.
  • Creation of variable rate prescriptions for use in the EDGE, VERSA and INTEGRA displays and other application equipment.
  • Import/Export of ESRI Shape, ASCII text, GeoTIF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, JPEG 2000, Mr. Sid, PNG, WMF & other image formats.
  • Customizable map printouts.
  • Custom legends for crop/product and attribute combinations.
  • Spatial Sorter function that uses a defined area for a field or farm and sorts GPS data that falls into these areas with the click of a button.
  • Support for all modes of the Ag Leader: PFadvantage, PF3000, and PF3000 Pro, EDGEVERSA and INTEGRA
  • Ability to print charts – Allows the comparison of data across multiple years, products, farms, etc graphically.
  • Drawing and selection tools – You can create generic datasets using drawing tools (point, polygon, line, circle, ellipse) and also make selections using the select circle, ellipse, and pass tools.
  • Query Selection Tool – This selection tool allows you to define a query filter that will then select only the data that meets your selection requirements.
  • Full support for imported data – Summary information, tool tips, queries, etc is available for all imported data.
  • Customizable Summaries – You can modify how and what is displayed in your summaries for the management tree, maps, and printouts.
  • Boundary clipping – You can freeze a field boundary and clip grid or contour data to the boundary edges of the field.
  • Direct support for John Deere® harvest files, New Holland® LOG & VYG files, Case® files, Trimble® & Mid Tech® files.
  • Guidance Editor creates A-B Guidance lines that can be exported to display monitors
  • Crop Plan Editor generates plans that include: yield goals, products to use, rates, target dates
  • Resource and Product Tracking – You can now fully define the resources and products used in your crop production cycle.
  • Manual Summary Entries – Allows the entry of manual values for data, in addition to the summary information that was logged. Yield, area, and moisture values can be entered manually, for example.
  • Batch Processing Functions – You can Add/Remove Properties, Simple Analysis, Assign Resource Tracking, and Freeze Boundaries in bulk.
  • Calculated attributes – In conjunction with the Resource and Product Tracking entries you can now get calculated values for product used (i.e. bags of seed), product refills, fuel used, fuel refills, etc.

Screen Shots
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SMS Basic Layer Management SMS Basic Grower Report Summary SMS Basic Prescription Map

Layer Management

Grower Summary Report

Prescription Map


Requires annual maintenance fee: $120 after 1st year
Compare SMS Basic to SMS Advanced Software
Buy Ag Leader SMS Basic Software – $750.00

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